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How Should Be Your Dream Home


Home is a place where we live with our family in full security and safety.Every corner of the residence reflects their energies on you and your family.When you pay attention the words “dream home,” everybody has a different idea that pops of their mind—possible or not.
     Most home buyers have a “Dream Home” that includes the whole thing they want. Whether or not it’s a brand new kitchen, open floor plan, lots of bedrooms and toilets in 1 BHK, 2 BHK Flats or all that and more. All the rooms of my house should be airy and well-ventilated with huge bow windows.
     There should be a beautiful view of a playground and park from the balcony.It should have the usual Furniture, such as sofas, recliners, cabinets, coffee table, accent chest, side tables, a credenza. Also it should include an entertainment center with a large screen on it. As for the decor, there will be family portraits, paintings, exotic souvenirs and a chandelier for delightful lighting. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a book worm.
My Dream House:
House is a place where we are able to refuge and it gives us a safety from rain, heat , storm etc. Everyone has their own desire on what kind of house they experience comfortable to live, so do I. I experience to live in calm and open surroundings, so house constructed on small land may not be my preference. 

Area I want: 

I want a big open area surrounded with the aid of compound wherein I can stroll especially when I sense bored on my job. I need the garden in the front of my residence with the intention to supply me herbal environment. 

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